HEATING INDUSTRY: Cartridge heaters
02-cartridge-heaters-GB Cartridge heaters are built with premium materials to maximize field performance. Heaters can be assembled with optional type J or K thermocouples. Cato-Tech A/S is able to manufacture metric sizes from 3,1 mm to 25 mm and imperial sizes from 1/8” to 1”.
If you need a quality built cartridge heater made by your specifications and delivered on time, Cato-Tech A/S has the best high watt density cartridge solution for you.

Technical data:
Ø 6,5 mm to 20 mm
L 40 mm to 300 mm
Power from 100 W to 2200 W

lilla1 Indoor, outdoor temperature probe
lilla2 Mineral-insulated thermocouples
lilla3 Mineral-insulated resistance
lilla4 Push-in resistance thermometers
lilla5 Push-in thermocouples
lilla6 Screw-in resistance thermometers
lilla7 Screw-in thermocouples
lilla8 Screw-in pockets
lilla9 Surface temperature probes
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orange2 Cartridge heaters
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