HEATING INDUSTRY: Drum heaters / IBC Container heaters
03-drum-and-IBC-container-heating-GB-0103-drum-and-IBC-container-heating-GB-0803-drum-and-IBC-container-heating-GB-0203-drum-and-IBC-container-heating-GB-0303-drum-and-IBC-container-heating-GB-0903-drum-and-IBC-container-heating-GB-0403-drum-and-IBC-container-heating-GB-0703-drum-and-IBC-container-heating-GB-0603-drum-and-IBC-container-heating-GB-05 Cato-Tech A/S drum heaters are more economic and use less energy than conventional band heaters. Blankets are more effective than band heaters at warming and insulating drums, buckets, IBC Container Heaters and gas cylinders. Heat Blankets are the easiest, fastest and low-cost method for heating and maintaining the temperature of industrial materials. 


● Heat, insulate and protect materials all year round
● Works on metal, poly drums and pails
● Best solution for viscosity and flow control
● Heat propane and other compressed gases
● Insulated full wrap design – keeps heat in and cold out
● Adjustable thermostat options for pinpoint temperature control