SENSORS INDUSTRY: Indoor, outdoor and duct
resistance thermometers


■ for temperatures from -30 to +80°C (200°C)
■ for use in HVAC
■ IP20 to IP65 protection
■ for 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-wire connections
■ fitted transmitter option 4 – 20mA or 0 – 10V

Technical data

Terminal box plastic PC housing (material PP on Type 902520/11), IP20 to IP65,
Type 902520/25: IP54 and IP65 protection
Protection tube stainless steel 1.4571; 5.4mm and 6mm dia.
Measuring insert Pt100 temperature sensor, EN 60 751, Class B, 2-wire circuit
Transmitter analog transmitter, output signal 4 – 20mA or 0 – 10V