HEATING RAILWAY: Wall heating mats
12-wall-heating-mats-GB-0112-wall-heating-mats-GB-02 Transport industries, including vehicles and trains, experience operating issues due to low temperatures during cold winter season.
Polyester and silicone heating mats from Cato-Tech A/S, which can be fitted on the wall, eliminate danger of freezing. It will also provide higher comfort levels for passengers traveling in the vestibule. To heat the walls, heating mats can be placed under the windows. This will also help with demisting the windows.

● Takes up minimum space
● Highly flexible
● A variety of shapes
● Quick and easy to fit
● Any voltage on request

lilla1 Coupling
lilla2 Frost protection of tanks and pipes
lilla3 NTC
lilla4 PT100
lilla5 PTC
lilla6 Waste tank
lilla7 Automatic frost protection
lilla8 Valve
orange1 Coupling
orange2 E-Couplings
orange3 Mirror
orange4 Windscreen wiper
orange5 Air cylinder
orange6 Air condititioning
orange7 Fan heating
orange8 Duct
orange9 Engine preheater
orange10 Doors
orange11 Floors
orange12 Walls
orange13 Kitchen
orange14 Bathroom
orange15 Waste tank
orange16 Frost protection of tanks and pipes
orange17 Sand systems
orange18 Valve
orange19 Hydraulic
orange20 Automatic frost protection
orange21 Spiral finned heater