SENSORS INDUSTRY: Mineral-insulated resistance
thermometers to EN 60 751
03-mineral-resistance-thermometer-GB-1 ■ for temperatures from -50 (-200) to +600°C
■ flexible sheath with shock-protected sensor
■ as single or twin resistance thermometer
in 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-wire circuit
■ fast response time
■ application-specific fitting length


Technical data

Terminal head Form J, aluminium die-casting, M 16×1.5; IP54, ambient temperature -40 to +100°C
Caution: reduced ambient temperature when using transmitters,
Data Sheet 70.7030 (95.6530)
Connection cable ends available as: bare wires, with ferrules, receptacles or multipole connector
Connecting cable silicone, ambient temperature -50 to +180°C
PTFE, ambient temperature -190 to +260°C
metal braiding, ambient temperature -50 to +350°C
Process connection thread, stainless steel 1.4571
Protection tube stainless steel 1.4571, 4mm, 4.5mm, 6mm dia.
Measuring insert Pt100 temperature sensor, EN 60 751, Cl. A, 2-/3-/4-wire circuit
Response times in water with 0.4m/sec / in air with 3m/sec
1.9mm dia.: water t0.5 = 0.7sec, t0.9 = 2.1sec / air t0.5 = 7.2sec, t0.9 = 20.5sec
3.0mm dia.: water t0.5 = 1.3sec, t0.9 = 4.0sec / air t0.5 = 13.5sec, t0.9 = 41.0sec
6.0mm dia.: water t0.5 = 5.0sec, t0.9 =11.5sec / air t0.5 = 37.5sec, t0.9 = 117.5sec