SENSORS INDUSTRY: Screw-in and weld-in pockets
08 screwIn weldIn pockets GB 02 ■ for thermocouples and RTD temperature probes
■ thermometers can be replaced without draining the system
■ pockets in different materials
■ operating pressure up to 450 bar
■ available with acceptance certificate 3.1B (machined from solid)


Technical data

Process connection for welding in: dia. 24H7, dia. 30H11
for screwing in: G 1/2 (1/2″ pipe), G 3/4 (3/4″ pipe)
Protection tube Material:
steel 1.0305
stainless steel 1.4571
steel 1.7335
others on request
Operating temperature range up to 450 °C, take note of loading diagrams!